one-armed upside-down naked man says hi

leave me alone you weird fucker

today’s bean is brought to you by the letter O

tomorrow's bean will be brought to you by the letter penis

SIR your haircut appears to be a murmuration

have you asked the head doctor to check your head

worrying letters #1


thank you Catchphrase

in fact thank you to all TV programmes

HAKE HEAD there seems to be something fishy going on

the joke that just keeps on giving

CAKE HEAD how does your top half stay on

one of life's mysteries

stupid comparisons #1

potentially an evergreen series

a night on the town can swiftly degenerate

reproduction is not always desirable

this abstract artist painted me portrait and I’ve never bin the same since

art is dangerous do not look at it


please now remove your giant hairy kidney from our apparatus

yr teacher has a weird eyebrow

I cannot stop staring at it

New legs

not sure about these