Hello. We are in the business of perfecting the sausage. Join us

I should have put this up earlier but we were too busy perfecting the sausage

these new coloured pens are freaking me out

I feel weird

welcome to my S/S 2016 collection

my best work yet I feel u will agree

lovely portrait of a lovely family

I personally have never seen anything so lovely



this abstract artist painted me portrait and I’ve never bin the same since

art is dangerous do not look at it

my new album will be called:

far out or what

new masterpiece

all in teh detail


another masterpiece

PORTRAITS OF THE STARS #2: “Trevor” (Brooking)

no caption needed

Potential Dance Champion

please contact FREEPOST 8UMH0L3 with samples

WELCOME you are among friend

sit here we have a chair for you

mmm lovely fresh notebook

time to open a new chapter innit

LIFE DRAWING CLASS with Sticky McStick

wednesdays 9pm no perverts

This is your box

now fuck off