project #AIEEE

in 2013 I decided to try and complete one new original collaboration every week

the rules were:

  • no covers
  • no samples
  • no repeats of personnel

we made 35 before crashing and burning. It changed my life. I learned to accept everything people gave me to work with and be grateful for their trust. It was profound. We didn’t give a fuck about commercial value, we were only looking to do work which is real and true. In the end we didn’t give a fuck even if people hadn’t made music before because it didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was did they have something real to say

here’s the original Soundcloud set, but sometimes tracks drop out and come back in if people need to make them private

because of the people I met doing this, I set up Pink Lizard Music to help us all release things properly. Every single person who gave their contribution to this project deserves your attention, respect, admiration and payment

if you want to support work like this, you can and it will help – go here for more details or just go to the Pink Lizard Music shop on Bandcamp and buy everything for more than its price

thank you