Benbo logo - hand-drawn block letters with black outlines and orange fill.
Square front cover of the single KEEP IT FUNKY (OH NO AH-AH) by EJ von LYRIK x Benbo. The background is dark pink, with 'EJ von LYRIK x' in bright green graffiti-style lettering above Benbo's logo. Underneath, in bright blue wavy line writing, it reads 'Keep It Funky (oh no ah-ah). To the right, there are cartoons of a blue sneaker with black stripes, a red skate boot with green sole, and a pair of golden flip flops. Next to the sneaker and the skate boot are crosses; next to the flip flops, a tick.

EJ von LYRIK x Benbo - Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah) (2016)

3-track release, music/pen/ink/scan data/digital colouring


Thank you EJ von LYRIK <3