Benbo logo - hand-drawn block letters with black outlines and orange fill.
Square front cover of the mini-album EVERYTHING IS FINE by Benbo. Stylistically, the cover is a digital collage centred on a detailed 2D pen and ink line drawing that has been scanned, coloured digitally in bold block colours, and had some text and photographic elements superimposed on it. The texture of the original paper shows through the scan and breaks up the block colours in places. Three wavy yellow roads converge, from the lower left side, upper left side and centre-right top side of the cover, on a partially visible object slightly below the centre of the right side - this object appears to be a creature made up of a circle of grey triangles, with tortured facial features, behind an octopus-like ring with purple limbs, the extremities of which themselves bear concerned faces; within the purple ring are more rings coloured first in pink and burgundy stripes and then black; then, the centre is white. Part of a fourth road is barely visible coming up from the very right hand side of the bottom of the cover, presumably to the same destination. Also converging on this creature, this time from its left, in between the first two roads, is the title 'EVERYTHING IS FINE', set out in red capitals with a clear yellow shadow in a retrofuturistic font called 'Synchro', its perspective sheared to increase the impression that it is headed in the same direction as the roads. In between the roads, the background alternates between a dark burgundy with black ink dots and a sky blue. Each road has a pair of pink arrowed signs at its side - though we can only see one side of the fourth road, we presume it too has a twin - from the bottom right, these read 'GOODBYE' for the partial road, then 'NOWHERE' and 'NOWHERE' for the road from the bottom of the left side, 'SHITSVILLE' and 'SHITSVILLE' for that from the upper left side, and 'DEATH' and 'DEATH' for that from the centre-right of the top side. Between that road and the right hand side, the background is sky blue; on the right side of that road as we see it is a bright green tree. Overlapping the road in the top right corner is a tubular chute that extends from that corner, along the top, to about the centre of the top side, before bending down about 60 degrees just before its end. Inside the outline of the chute, the scanned drawing has been removed, and replaced by a photograph of Benbo's eyes, which are grey-blue with some green flecks at the centre, and wide open. The bottom of each eye is obscured by the main cover drawing. Above the eyes we can partially see brown eyebrows and hair on the sides of his head. Out of the chute is coming a line of four or five stickpersons, which itself bends as if gravity is dragging them upwards from our perspective, out of picture. The background behind the stickpersons is burgundy with black dots. Moving anticlockwise to the segment between the two roads that start on the left side, in front of its sky blue background, and appearing to be the right way up assuming it is subject to gravity from the left side of the picture, is a sleeping grey creature recognisable from other Benbo drawings as a Hill. Despite its closed eyes, the Hill has a round, wide-open mouth coloured black by pen ink; into that mouth is drifting a long plume of exhaust fumes from a car that is travelling along the road immediately above the Hill and has almost reached the octopus/triangle creature; the car is coloured white with green windows. Although the perspective of the road seems to be directly above, the perspective of the car is off - instead of treating the lined yellow surface as its road, it appears to be travelling along the line drawn as the road's edge. Moving anti-clockwise again, the remaining background is burgundy with black dots, and has an orange fish swimming in it, very close to the bottom, about one-third of the side's length from the bottom left corner. Gravity is skewed again for this fish, which is emitting bubbles which are travelling upwards, we presume, for it - i.e., off the bottom of the picture as we see it. Almost at the centre of the picture, slightly off toward the top and the right, is a spaceship in the shape of a round hill with a belt and short legs. The spaceship is grey, with diagonal royal blue stripes, and is also heading toward the octopus/triangle creature, though its trajectory appears slightly off in the direction of the bottom right corner. The belt of the spaceship goes slightly below its middle, and a window is cut into most of theh space above; looking through the window, we can see two black shadowy figures, themselves hill-shaped, looking out of the window at the opposite side; the interior is the same bright green as the tree and the car window. Out of the spaceship, between the two short grey legs, is coming fire - red at its centre and orange around. Finally, toward the top left corner is superimposed the logo: Benbo.


9-track release, music/robot speech/pen/ink/scan data/iPhoto/digital colouring + text


Special thanks: Briggy Smale, Matt Coldrick, Gordon Raphael, Red Lionn, Pam Lewis Rudden, Francesco Menegat, John Kye, Bob Macciochi.