Benbo logo - hand-drawn block letters with black outlines and orange fill.
Front cover of the zine I POO by BENBO. The title is in large, centred, yellow capitals in a retrofuturistic font called 'Synchro', on a dark-blue-top-to-royal-blue-bottom background. A badly drawn cat sits face-on in the centre of the page, underneath the title. This is Cat Poo. Stylistically, the cartoon is a mix of a simple 2D pen and ink outline in black that has been scanned and coloured digitally in bold block colours; but, the texture of the original paper shows through the scan and breaks up the block colours in places. Cat Poo is various shades of brown - lighter for the face, darker for the body and legs, and darker still for the eyelids. Dots cover Cat Poo's face and body. Cat Poo has a mouth like Doktor Fear's - at both top and bottom are sharp off-white teeth, and between the top and bottom teeth, the word 'poo' is inscribed in cream over a dark red background. Underneath Doktor Fear is the author name, also in yellow Synchro font, but smaller than the title.

I POO (2020)

37 copies, 16pp, pen/ink/scan data/digital manipulation + text, 250gsm recycled uncoated covers, 170gsm recycled uncoated pages.

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special thanks: Grace, Phoebe, coronavirus.