Benbo logo - hand-drawn block letters with black outlines and orange fill.
Logo for the music project 'project #AIEEE' by Benbo. The logo is hand-drawn lettering that has been scanned in and manipulated to remove all background visuals, so that the only parts remaining visible are the original penstrokes, and everything else is transparent. It says, at the top in big hand-drawn numbers, '2013', and underneath it in smaller hand-drawn letters, 'project #AIEEE'. 'Project' is is lowercase, and AIEEE in uppercase; each number has stripes that run in a different direction. The characters are in block writing rather than cursive.

project #AIEEE (2013)

35 new original collaborative pieces of music; audio/pen/ink/scan data/photography/digital colouring + text


Grateful thanks: EJ von LYRIK, Uliya.