Benbo logo - hand-drawn block letters with black outlines and orange fill.
Front cover of the book HOW TO SURVIVE A PANDEMIC by BENBO. The title is in large, centred, white capitals in a retrofuturistic font called 'Synchro', on a flat bright red background. A possibly bald cartoon person with a grey face and tired eyes stands underneath the title. This is Doktor Fear. Stylistically, the cartoon is a mix of a simple 2D pen and ink outline in black that has been scanned and coloured digitally in bold block colours; but, the texture of the original paper shows through the scan and breaks up the block colours in places. Doktor Fear is dressed all in black, with a large gown extending to their ankles, beneath which two tiny black-shod feet peep out. The Doktor has a weird pseudo-religious hat on - also black - which has a flat top and sides that make it look like the base of an inverted triangle. The Doktor is also wearing a face mask whose elastic strings extend up to the hat, joining the edges of the hat exactly in line with the sides of the inverted triangle. At the tip of the inverted triangle, where the strings would otherwise meet, there is a curious round-cornered isosceles trapezoid face mask. At both top and bottom of the face mask are sharp white teeth. Between top and bottom teeth, the word 'fear' is inscribed in black over a dark pink background. Underneath Doktor Fear is the author name, also in white Synchro font, but smaller than the title.


60pp, pen/ink/scan data/digital manipulation + text

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special thanks: Grace, Charley, Michelle, Phoebe, coronavirus.